“A vision without a plan is just a dream.  A plan without a vision is just drudgery.But a vision with a plan can change the world.



Good Earth is a group of architects, engineers and other individuals experimenting with alternatives in architecture for the past 28 years. Inspired by the work and philosophy of Laurie Baker, we focused on environment friendly
developments and explored concepts of holistic development. Our efforts for the creation of sustainable communities have been welcomed by our clients and it is their encouragement and appreciation that helps us to achieve our vision towards the formation of sustainable communities.


We believe that the world needs an enormous number of new Innovators, Change Agents, and Transformers, all dedicated to turning development in the direction of sustainability. We should present a positive opportunity for all who interact with us, encouraging creativity, learning and growth, and nurturing of a deep appreciation of the gift of life.


A team is “a group of people who need one another to take action” – Peter Senge.
architects, engineers, crafts persons, and individuals who are hands-on, willing to multi-task, and passionate about what they do. Thinking out of the box and the spirit to run that extra mile are the characteristics of those who have fitted into our team, and added their unique flavor to it. Each individual finds his/her niche in the organization and does what they are best at. The strength of our organization lies in working in small decentralized groups thereby creating positive group dynamics.


To create a sustainable society by building a community of individuals with a strong commitment to following the holistic approach to bring about change through experiments which consolidate modern thinking and adopting technology with traditional concepts of living and working.

The Core Group

A group of ten individuals make up the core group at Good Earth. From varied backgrounds and energies they aim to connect through their passion for innovation and commitment to initiate change. Supporting each others, holding their vision through peer reviews, sharing skills, celebrating successes and sustaining failures. They have evolved through 28 years of work experience pioneering alternative solutions in eco-friendly construction.

Good Earth Kottayam Team

Mathew Varghese

Mathew GoodEarthOne of the founding members who played a key role in establishing Good Earth as a major brand in creating sustainable communities. He is a civil engineer from CET, Trivandrum with experience from 1987.

He is the motivator, inspiring soul and the driving force behind the team. His deep spiritual and philosophical insights have helped forge many eco-friendly partnerships.

His vision and inspiration to build up the next generation has resulted in the emergence of a group of young innovators under his guidance sculpting tomorrow’s greens. He is leading the group to diverse spheres, with his passion and enthusiasm for new ventures.

Tibbie Isaac Chacko, Rojin Titto Cherian, Julian Varghese

With an inspiration to create green visions for a blue planet, this green team are responsible for ensuring that the projects are executed with utmost technical accuracy, quality and perfection. With their hands-on style involvement, they lead the construction team, by effectively being tough yet motivating, they execute their projects with excellent sense of aesthetics. Assuring conviction in their service catering to the needs, requirements and satisfaction to each individual client.

Alex T V
alextv edited

A retired Indian Army servant and a man of great personal integrity. He manages the finance part of Good Earth Kottayam very intelligently and ensures that they are used optimally for the projects and as investments.

His ever pleasing talks and his insight towards bonding the team members in all situations is a great asset and a priceless gift for the team. For the entire team, he is a role model.


Partner with us

Good Earth Entrepreneur: Develop your property into an eco-community, or an appropriate alternative usage, according to market trends. We are looking for entrepreneurs to work with us, for potential joint ventures. We ensure that the partnership is mutually fair to all the stakeholders, and the experience beneficial, financially and adds value to the concerned asset. Some of our existing projects are a result of successful joint ventures, with individuals and groups

Join Good Earth Kottayam:

Be a part of the Good Earth Kottayam Team, if you are willing to multi task, are a people person, and are willing to run that extra mile. Openings are created for exceptional talent and passion. Openings available.





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